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Taller práctico: «Medidas de emisiones de gases efecto invernadero en el sector agrario»

Lugo, 28 – 29 de marzo de 2019

Cámaras de medición de metano, EEz-CSIC

Training school on measuring greenhouse gases in agricultural systems

The Network NUEVA (Network for Updating Emission Values in Agriculture) ( and the COST Action LivAGE ( organize a training school in Lugo (Spain) during 28-29 March 2019 (University of Santiago de Compostela, Lugo site). 

The aim of the training school is to offer comprehensive decision making criteria to identify the best measurement techniques in different research scenarios and practical demonstration of the use of a range of measurement techniques. The program involves two sessions dealing with both animal and agro-forestry systems in which an introductory talk will be followed by practical demonstration of a range of measuring techniques. 

The training school is limited to 20 trainees that will receive funding to cover traveling and accomodation costs.  

Those interested please send email to David Yanez-Ruiz ( and Salvador Calvet ( explaining reasons to enrole in the course before 20th February. Selected participants will be notified by the end of February. 


Day 1, 28th March 2019

13:30-14:00Registration of participants 
14:00-15:15Introductory talk: measuring GHG in animal systemsMelynda Hassouna (INRA-Rennes, France):

Practical demonstration of measuring techniques in livestock

15:00-15:45In vitro systemsDavid Yáñez-Ruiz (CSIC)
15:45-16:45Respirometry chambers

Fernando Estellés (UPV)

David Yáñez-Ruiz (CSIC)

16:45-17:15Short-term measurementsAlejandro Belanche (CSIC)
17:15-17:30Coffee break 
17:30-18:30Animal housing measurements

Fernando Estellés (UPV)

Salvador Calvet (UPV)

18:30-19:00Questions, discussion, synthesisAgustin del Prado (BC3)

Day 2, 29th March 2019

8:30-9:45Introductory talk: GHG measurement at different levels: soil-plant-manure applicationEugenio Diaz-Pines (BOKU, Austria)
9:45-10:30Eddy covarianceAna López Ballesteros (UG)
10:30-11:00Authomatic chambersJaime Recio (UPM)
11:00-11:30Coffee break 

Practical demonstration of measuring techniques in soil-crops

11:30-12:00Manual chambers and gas chromatography

Alberto Sanz-Cobeña (UPM)

Jorge Alvaro-Fuentes (CSIC)

12:00-12:30gas analyzers, quimioluminescense

Raul Moral (UMH),  Jaime Recio (UPM)

Alberto Sanz-Cobeña (UPM)

12:30-13:00Itegrated Horizontal Flux method (IHF, micrometeorological technique)

Alberto Sanz-Cobeña (UPM)

Jaime Recio (UPM)

13:00-14:00Questions, discussion, synthesis

Jorge Alvaro-Fuentes (CSIC)

Alberto Sanz-Cobeña (UPM)

14:00Lunch and departure