Training school on measuring greenhouse gases in agricultural systems

The COST Action LivAGE and the Network NUEVA (Network for Updating Emission Values in Agriculture) organize a training school in Lugo (Spain) during 28-29 March 2019 (University of Santiago de Compostela, Lugo site).

The aim of the training school is to offer comprehensive decision making criteria to identify the best measurement techniques in different research scenarios and practical demonstration of the use of a range of measurement techniques. The program involves two sessions dealing with both animal and agro-forestry systems in which an introductory talk will be followed by practical demonstration of a range of measuring techniques.



Measuring GHG in livestock

01 – Quantifying GHG emissions in animal systems

Mélynda Hassouna (INRA-Rennes, France)

02 – In vitro systems to measure methane production in ruminants

David Yañez-Ruiz (CSIC-EZZ, Spain)

03 – Respirometry chambers

Fernando Estelles / Salva Calvet (UPV, Spain) & David Yañez-Ruiz (CSIC-EZZ, Spain)

04 – Greenfeed and other in vivo methods

Alejandro Belanche (CSIC-EZZ, Spain)

05 – Animal housing measurements

Fernando Estelles & Salva Calvet (UPV, Spain)

Measuring GHG in livestock

06 – Measuring soil GHG in natural and managed ecosystems

Eugenio Diaz-Pines (BOKU, Austria)

07 – Eddy covariance technique

Ana Lopez Ballesteros (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

08 – Dynamic chambers

Jaime Recio (UPM, Spain)

09 – Measuring ammonia fluxes from cropping systems

Alberto Sanz-Cobeña (UPM, Spain)

10 – Use of quimioluminiscence devices

Jaime Recio (UPM, Spain)

11 – Practical demonstration of ammonia and CHG measurements in soil-crops

Alberto Sanz-Cobeña (UPM, Spain)