08 – Dynamic chambers

Jaime Recio (UPM, Spain)

11 – Practical demonstration of ammonia and CHG measurements in soil-crops

Alberto Sanz-Cobeña (UPM, Spain)

10 – Use of quimioluminiscence devices

Jaime Recio (UPM, Spain)

09 – Measuring ammonia fluxes from cropping systems

Alberto Sanz-Cobeña (UPM, Spain)

07 – Eddy covariance technique

Ana Lopez Ballesteros (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

06 – Measuring soil GHG in natural and managed ecosystems

Eugenio Diaz-Pines (BOKU, Austria)

05 – Animal housing measurements

Fernando Estelles & Salva Calvet (UPV, Spain)

04 – Greenfeed and other in vivo methods

Alejandro Belanche (CSIC-EZZ, Spain)

03 – Respirometry chambers

Fernando Estelles / Salva Calvet (UPV, Spain) & David Yañez-Ruiz (CSIC-EZZ, Spain)

02 – In vitro systems to measure methane production in ruminants

David Yañez-Ruiz (CSIC-EZZ, Spain)